oceans of time out now!

Second single from the new album - OCEANS OF TIME - is out now on all regular streaming services as well as YouTube. Check out the official video below! Follow this link to have a llisten on Spotify and add it to your favourite playlist!

Miles from Nowhere - announcement!

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Jonas Lindberg is back with a new, much-anticipated album.

The album, called MILES FROM NOWHERE, is the follow up to 2016's PATHFINDER and sees Lindberg once again teaming up with bandmates Jonas Sundqvist (vocals), Jenny Storm (vocals), Calle Stålenbring (guitars), Nicklas Thelin (guitars), Jonathan Lundberg (drums) and Maria Olsson (percussion) as well as returning member Simon Wilhelmsson (drums) and Jonas’ brother Joel Lindberg (guitar).

This time around however, Jonas Lindberg plays a lot of the instruments himself and is even credited as lead singer on some of the tracks. ”I decided quite early on to treat this one more as a solo album than the previous one, since I’m playing most of the instruments myself and having written all the songs. It also opened up the possibility of having more musicians guesting on the album,” says Jonas Lindberg.

MILES FROM NOWHERE consists of seven songs which spans the full range of the progressive rock landscape – from the soaring ”SUMMER QUEEN” (led by Jenny Storm), via folksy instrumental ”ASTRAL JOURNEY” to the closing title track; a sprawling 25 minute epic which features none other than Mr. Roine Stolt (of Flower Kings and Transatlantic fame) on lead guitar.
”It’s such an honor to have one of my biggest influences in the genre playing on one of the tracks! I’m so happy that he wanted to do it.” says Lindberg.

MILES FROM NOWHERE will be out November 26 on CD and all digital and streaming services. Ahead of its release, Jonas Lindberg will drop two singles, the first "SECRET MOTIVE MAN" coming out on August 20 and the second "OCEANS OF TIME" on October 1.


1. Secret Motive Man (07:26)
2. Little Man (05:49)
3. Summer Queen (15:52)
4. Oceans Of Time (11:37)
5. Astral Journey (05:50)
6. Why I'm Here (04:26)
7. Miles From Nowhere (25:32)
- PT I: Overture
- PT II: Don't Walk Away
- PT III: I Don't Know Where You Are
- PT IV: Memories
- PT V: Miles From Nowhere

Secret Motive Man out now!

New single from upcoming album MILES FROM NOWHERE is out now on all digital platforms and streaming services. Follow this link to have a listen on Spotify.

Official Video on YouTube:

New single "Secret Motive Man" to be released august 20!

On AUGUST 20, the first single in five years SECRET MOTIVE MAN will be out on all digital platforms followed by a video.

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teaser trailer for the upcoming album "miles from nowhere"